Three announcements

FYI: Three important announcements!
The crew is busy working on sets and props. If you want to join the fun, we'll be at the theater tomorrow, Saturday, October 16th starting at 10am and continuing to around 3pm. The front doors will be locked, so come in through the side door to the auditorium or up the staircase at the end of the north wing. There is lots to do from painting sets to gathering props, making signs and creating a "tv studio." All help is greatly appreciated!!

It's that time....starting with Monday's rehearsal everyone needs to be off-book. That means you have the weekend to get a handle on your lines and blocking. The oompaloompas will be joining with the rest of the cast as well. It's going to be live theater rehearsal at it's most exciting!

And finally....Ms Susan has a family obligation next Friday, October 22nd, so there will not be a workshop. Enjoy your afternoon off!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory