Monitor Signup

Here is the link to the monitoring signup board ( A reminder about monitoring duties.

Expectations for monitoring commitments are as follows

  • Single-actor families - monitor for at least TWO rehearsal days
  • Multiple-actor families - monitor for TWO ADDITIONAL rehearsal days for a second participant and ONE ADDITIONAL rehearsal day for each additional participant
  • If you are part of the Green Room Committee and have signed-up for monitoring during dress rehearsals and performance dates, you are not required to monitor any of the rehearsals but are certainly welcome to do so.

Responsibilities for monitors are as follows:

  • Stand outside and monitor as actors arrive
  • Supervise actors while they wait to perform, both in the auditorium and unseen parts of the stage
  • Escort actors to the bathrooms as needed
  • Enforce rules required by our organization
  • Make sure actors are picked-up by appropriate adults

Thank you!

The Little Mermaid